I write a final blog post for EDCI 336 on the road. The beauty of a week-long roadtrip in Washington and Oregon is that my cell phone is blissfully on airplane mode and my laptop is making its sole appearance today. After three months of being more engaged in the digital realm than ever before … More reflection

hallway hideout

Sometimes the best learning happens in the hallways. Todays technology class was an exploration of the educational potential of the video game Minecraft. A group of expert elementary school students introduced the world of Minecraft to us with inspiring words: “you can do anything”; “the sky’s the limit”; “there are no rules”; “you can create … More hallway hideout

screen smarts

The lesson in our Technology and Innovation in Education class this week was titled, “Shiny vs. Scary Internet.” Since starting this class two months ago I have been voraciously eating-up articles, blogs and videos documenting the positive potential of technology in classrooms. I have surprised myself as an easy convert to valuing technology as a vastly … More screen smarts


The term edupunk was mentioned in passing last week in class while exploring the ideas and offerings of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). It sparked my curiosity with hopefulness that perhaps I had found a word to describe my growing belief in using collaborative, open-source resources to provide for personalized, inquiry-driven learning. I am increasingly … More eduPunk


I have spent a month embracing technology as a valuable tool in the classroom (and as a valuable tool to get out of the classroom!). TweetDeck and Feedly reign in top spots on my bookmark bar. All my school documents are organized in GoogleDocs. My blog is starting to feel like a friendly space to … More tech-nature-ology

rethinking conferences

Student empowerment is a buzz word I often find myself using when I describe my goals as a teacher; however, tangible examples of how to facilitate empowerment in classrooms can be hard to articulate. I have the fortune of taking off my educator cap these days, and instead wearing a student cap, and in doing … More rethinking conferences

finding flow

Since Steve Cardwell, Director of the Executive Educational Leadership Program at UBC, gave a presentation in our EDCI336 class last week on student engagement, I have been thinking about flow. Steven introduced flow as a state of learning that is achieved when students feel both a high sense of challenge and high sense of skill … More finding flow

balancing FaceTime with field time

Personalization of learning. Personal Learning Network. Personal Learning Plan. Personalized. Week two of EDCI336 has me thinking that personalization is the catch all method for facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity. Personalization seems to be holding hands with digitized learning. Technology provides accessibility to the diversity of knowledge and networks needed to satisfy the … More balancing FaceTime with field time